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Supporting Gantt Chart, Agile, SCRUM, DMAIC, Business, Marketing Projects and much more

Easy to Setup, Monitor and Manage your Projects

Intuitive Design, Standardized Templates, Kanban, Dashboards, and much more. Create Work Items (Tasks), User Story, Bug, Test Case, Initiative, Theme, Epic, plus with an Activity Log to monitor progress.

Gantt Chart and Roadmapping

Track your schedule, resources, progress all in one with our Gantt chart. Promote and Demote Tasks, Move tasks up and down to accommodate your project.

Invite your Team to Begin working

Flexible Team and Role Assignments, Invite Internal and External Team Members, Control Access to Actions and Data.

Free Support by email

The only tool available with free support for all users via email.

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Note: Premium Features does not include Channel Sales Reporting File Exchange which is used to support Marketing Teams gather Distributor, Reseller, Retailer, Vendor, Partner and other Sales Channel Excel or Data File Reporting. Contact us if you would like to extend this feature into your trial period.


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per user per month

Ideal for just small personal projects that focus on to-do lists

  • Create up to 3 Projects
  • Create up to 200 Tasks
  • Customize Tasks
  • Personal use
  • Kanban Board
  • Project & Task Dashboard
  • Customize Project Stage Names
  • Activity Log
  • 5 GB storage per user
  • Customize User Experience
  • Email Support





per user per month

Enhanced features to support Sales Channel reporting

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Expanded Customize Tasks (PMO Level)
  • Only pay once per unique user per month
  • Kanban Board
  • Project & Task Dashboard
  • Customize Project Stage Names
  • Activity Log
  • 200 GB storage per user
  • Customize User Experience
  • E-mail Support with response within 4 Hours
  • Sales Report Processing via Data File Upload
  • Gantt Chart

Detailed Product Features

Cost effective

With our Personal tier, or pay-as-you-go Essential and Professional subscription tiers, you are able to plan your costing, and only expand seats when your project needs it.

No Commitments

For the pay-as-you-go Essential and Professional subscription tiers, you get a period of 10 days free to begin your project, configure, learn about features and invite users. There are no term-commitments, so either at the end of your project, or at any time, you may choose to cancel your subscription, which will also cancel any future billing.


Every project is different, whether you are developing software, building a house, planning for a new product launch, planning an event, or any other function, Ontazk has a workflow template ready to help. Workflows are designed to move tasks from phase to phase of a project. You can select a one-workflow template for simple projects where you just assign tasks and expect an open/closed result, or complex projects where the tasks change hands between team members to accomplish further stages, such as in IT or construction projects. You are also able to rename these workflow stages to accommodate your project needs.


Workstreams, or 'Swimlanes' are used to track parallel efforts. In a construction project may have several workstreams such as permitting, framing, plumbing, electrical, etc., while a Product Launch may need to track Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Distribution, Marketing, and Sales Channel. You also get the ability to customize the names of these workstreams to accommodate your company's needs. You are also able to add a custom name to these workflow stages to accommodate your project needs.


Every team member will have a role to play in the project, whether lead or contributor, internal or external, Ontazk provides you with the ability to customize roles to meet your project requirements. With the Professional tier you are also able to configure and expand the (SODA) segregation of duties rules to your team. This is especially helpful for projects with oversight and compliance requirements.

Invite teams

You can invite team members to join your project with simple steps and only needing an email address. Team members manage their own profiles, so your only responsibility is to invite, and when needed suspend or terminate a team members account. Team members are able to assign themselves an avatar, upload a self-image, and customize their name-tag coloring.

Social Media Account Sign in

Social Media Account Sign in

Notification Services

Get notified by email when a team member moves a task to a new workstream, closes a task, or reassign a task to another team member.

Project Dashboard

This is the primary way to keep track of your project, when you Sign into your project, this will be your landing page and you will be able to monitor status, progress and user activity.

Activity Monitoring

Through our Activities screen Project Leads get a full log of actions by your team. This helps you monitor and if necessary course-correct with minimal loss of time.

Create & Customize Tasks

This is the key feature within Ontazk that drives team members to perform work. With the Essential tier, you are able to customize tasks and configure the display order of task items. With the Professional tier you can expand your project further with time and cost tracking features.

View Reporting

Ontazk comes with a built in Reports engine, which will display the main performance indicators within a project, including a Gantt Chart, Tables, Bar and Pie charts to track task assignment, completion and team allocation.

Cloud Based

Ontazk is 100% Cloud Based, leveraging the security features of Microsoft Azure, and an SLA (Service Level Agreement) or 99.9% uptime.

Security Features

Your project data and files are 100% encrypted, and monitored 24x7 for malicious intrusion.

File Sharing and Collaboration

Attach files to your tasks, as well as share Documents, Spreadsheets, Multi-Media, Software Code and Compressed Files within your team.

Learning through Tutorial

Ontazk is designed to be user friendly and intuitive, and to help you and your team get the most out of the features, we also provide you with a Document and a short Video tutorial on how to perform all functions.

Capture and Share Project Notes

Using our Meeting Notes feature, you can capture you meeting minutes from you conference calls, help mitigate risks, escalate and resolve issues and drive task completion, which will keep your project on-schedule.

Data and File Storage

All project-seats come with an allocation of data storage intended for file sharing, image attachments and more. Should your team require additional storage this is available in the Essential and Professional tiers.

Free Support by e-mail

Have a question, or issue, just ask and we will respond. Ontazk provides free dedicated email support for all users in the Essential and Professional tier. Please note Response times vary by subscription tier.

Onboarding Concierge

This premium feature is available for the Professional tier subscription and allocates our support team to help onboard your project. This will entail a phone interview to understand your goals, Ontazk will then setup the project in the tool, send out the invitation to the first batch of users, and provide you with an overview of the tool and its features. Basically 'We setup your project, then you run it'.

PMO Premium Features

In the Professional subscription tier you are also able to manage a PMO of multiple separate projects. In this feature you will be able to have an 'all up' view o the projects within the PMO, view Resource Allocation and Costing, track project spend and forecast to the allocated budget, view blocking issues, prioritize issues by severity and communicate with the entire (extended ) project teams.

Contact Management and CRM

In the Professional subscription tier you are able to expand the basic contact management available in the Free and Essential tiers to link actions to contacts and contact organizations (vendor, suppliers, partners), track behavior, manage communication, review organization-specific reporting, and much more.

Sales Reporting and processing

In the Professional subscription tier you are able to also send and receive sales, customer, financial, Compliance, Audit, or Performance Reports through a pre-configured process. In this process you establish the report requirements, such as fields and expected data, and Ontazk will process this real time and display in the analytics tool.

Corporate or Purchase Order Billing

We are able to support an 'offline' billing method for Enterprise, Education, Government entity. This is usually done via a manual invoicing or Purchase Order process. An extra fee of $1 per seat will apply.

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